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Maintenance Phase

Phase 1

  • Site Lockdown: Secret Entrance

WordPress uses the same door for all sites. This makes it simple for hackers to gain access to your site. We shut the door.

  • Site Monitoring

We monitor your site to ensure that if something goes wrong and it goes down, we are notified right away.

  • Secure Logins

We require strong user passwords and can enable two-factor authentication. This adds another layer of defence.

Phase 2

  • Ongoing Updates

WordPress is similar to the software on your phone. It requires updates in order to remain fast and secure.

  • Design Platform

The design framework, like WordPress, must be updated on a regular basis to receive new features and remain secure.

  • Site Instruments

Site plugins must be updated on a regular basis in order to remain secure and work with WordPress and our design platform.

Phase 3

  • Keeping You Informed: A Monthly Report

 We send you a summary of your website’s updates once a month.

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