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Targeting Potential Customers.
We create a video advert marketing your products or services. Our Media team will do the necessary research and targeting before posting the advert on the Social Media platform to reach your target audience.

Visits to your
Website. From the social media platforms, potential customers will be sent to your websites. Here they can read your site and will see further incentives that we will put on your websites for them to take further actions such as downloading brochures, sign up for vouchers etc.

Visitor becomes
a Lead. When they download the brochures or signup for vouchers the system will kindly ask them to give their names, mobile number and contact email. Upon submitting their contact information they become a lead.

Nurturing leads to customers. After submitting their contact details they are referred to Marketing qualified leads(MQL). However, we can provide further service that ensures they are nurtured so they become customers. We use a number of marketing tools to continue engaging with them, so they take further action confirming their absolute intent to buy. At this stage, they are called Sales Qualified Lead (SQL).

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Potential Earnings For Private Live-In Clients

Number Of Client(s) Weekly Rate Weekly Revenue Monthly Revenue Annual Revenue Lifetime Value (2.5yrs)
Number Of Clients 1 1,460 1,460 6,326.67 75,920 189,800
Number Of Clients 3 1,500 4,500 19,500 234,000 585,000

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