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Build Phase

Phase 1

  • Obtaining Brand Logo and kit

We collect your brand logos and kit. If you don’t have one, our creative team will gladly design one for you. This allows us to ensure that we have your highest-quality logos. This will include  brand’s fonts and colours.


  • Login to a domain

We need access to the account you used to purchase your domain in order to point the domain to the new site when it goes live.

  • Access a Website

We require an admin login in order to inspect your current website. This is to ensure that your new site does not lose any SEO benefits.

  • Images

Your site’s images are critical to its credibility. These images should help humanise your brand.

  • Page Content

Our content creator will research on your product and write content for your business. The content will be sent to you for review. Nobody knows your brand better than you. The language should feel true to your brand.

Phase 2

    • Plan the Construction Process

    We begin by organising your assets. Then we begin to shape how the website pages will be organised.

    • Design

    We start with the site strategy and then incorporate your brand colours and styles into a simple design with a clear message.

    • Launch

    This is the most thrilling step of the process. Your site goes live for all to see.

Next Phase

Maintenance Phase

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